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Kindly asking for a $20+ donation...

Saturday 4th Feb
Late last year I had the opportunity to personally meet a group of teenagers, who grew up battling with various drug addictions. I listened and learnt how each one faced and worked through their recovery to become the confident and self loving young adults they are today. Some of these young adults now contribute to the same cause, providing guidance and support to those suffering similar challenges and circumstances. Helping those so young, to strive and live full, productive lives is a noble cause and a positive outcome for society!

It inspired me to contribute, so I have signed up to the TEEN CHALLENGE 100 & 1 CLUB to help raise money.

My challenge is simple and I felt appropriate. I will abstain from drinking alcohol for 3 months and kindly ask you to donate just $20 (or more, if you wish) in support.

My target is to raise $1,000 (or more).

I attached the image of myself interacting with a teenager of another kind, loving life in the moment, on a natural high, a metaphor to express the way life should be lived!

Please use the link below to donate and support these vulnerable, brave teenagers in their quest to realise a better future…


Thank you for listening and my sincere thanks for any contribution!  : J

Kindest Regards,

Jason Spencer

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Samuel Iannucci

Go bro, from T.O Canada!



What a great cause J. Making a difference to young peoples lives


Rachel Gemmell

Infinite love and gratitude!


Wbm – Australia's Wine Business Magazine

Well done Jason, great stuff!


Dee Spencer

Good Work J -so proud of you :)


Craig Nelson


Michael Haines


Russell Davies

Good Luck Jason, it is a worthy cause and can change so many young lives.


Flaviu Bochis

Great work and a worthy cause, Jason!


Nick Blair

Well done Jason, drugs are a real issue for our society, and addiction often starts in people's teenage years and is exacerbated in later life unless addicts are helped. It is great that you are doing something to help people in this situation with early intervention.


Tanya Swanson

Well done J x



Hey Jason, great cause, well done!


Mark Spencer

Go bro!



Great job Jason!




Maria Ianniello


Andrew Baohm

I personally gave up drinking 4 years ago as i had an undiagnosed health issue. I am completely recovered and hope these young people can find other things in life other than drugs and alcohol to inspire them.


Narelle Tolley


Stephen Spencer

Love ya work mate