Naomi & Paul Clarke

I'm fundraising for...

Hike up a mountain, make 10 clay pots, read 5 novels... not us, we are going to traverse 100kms over 100 days! 

Looking forward to rising to this challenge and hoping to receive as much support as possible to help raise funds for TeenChallenge. 

For every $100 sponsor we will add a funny selfie whilst we are doing the challenge, we will also add a 1km to our target! Let’s see how far you can challenge us!

My Updates

30km update

Sunday 3rd Oct
A busy last two weekends. Yesterday, we added another 20km and the weekend prior we added 10km. Our journey is almost complete!

Building A Community

Monday 30th Aug
Why did we participate in 101 TeenChallenge?

We decided to participate in the 101 Club Challenge to contribute towards providing opportunities in life skills at TeenChallenge.

In life we are often taught about acceptance and hope. By talking about acceptance, accepting could mean or imply that there is a wrong to be considered. 

Hope could mean we are looking for something better. 

For us it’s not about acceptance, when we think about people and difference, we see the value those differences within each of us brings as a community. 

A diverse community brings strength not an essence of right or wrong. These life skills that each of us bring are ultimately fundamental to our own happiness and best future.

Another 15km

Sunday 29th Aug
Back on the road and today we clocked up another 15kms to our challenge target. Things have been slowed a little due to lockdown and being cautious to being out and about. Not long now until our target post. ✅


Sunday 8th Aug
Today we traversed along a bike track that took us ultimately to Mawson Lakes! It was full of adventure due to the recent rains which meant we actually had to change our direction due to a tunnel being flooded! Tonight we are happily exhausted to have experienced the journey as we have had lockdowns which put things on hold. Our love and well wishes go out all that are still in lockdown and/or isolating.

Saturday Night (Choc Mouse Fever)

Sunday 11th Jul
A great day as we achieved another 18km! This time we traversed from Port Adelaide along the bike track which runs along the train line. The bike track was wonderful as we even got to see a flying fox and plenty of street art. We stopped for dinner and then finished our travels in the dark on a mission hoping to get some chocolate mouse dessert on our way home! Here is a snap from the day. Continued thanks to everyone who has supported our commitment to achieving our goal and showing support to TeenChallenge. Please feel free to share our post and help us to reach our target!

Sealing the start

Wednesday 7th Jul
What a perfect way to start our journey by seeing a seal frolicking around in its natural environment. Today we are proud as we trundled 12kms which took us from Grange Beach along the foreshore to Henley Beach then back along the River Torrens bike track. Stay tuned for our next update and know how appreciative we are of your commitment to helping us meet our $2000 goal. This photo was taken from the Henley Beach Jetty. No filter used, all nature.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday 27th Jun
Happy Sunday! Today we had a practice run and are pleased we made 8km without being rained on! We are also pleased to say that our Teen Challenge Caps and Tops have arrived! We are looking forward to other Teen Challenges participants joining the 100 & 1 club challenge seeing their blue around too. Thank you so much to everyone who has jumped on board so far to support our commitment to reach our $2000 100km goal.

Bolivar to Port Adelaide

Tuesday 15th Jun
Thank you to everyone who has supported us with your donations and shares, your commitment and trust means a lot to us and TeenChallenge.. To celebrate the Queen’s birthday we traveled along an amazing bike track that took us to places we would not normally see! We got to see pelicans and heard frogs in the wetlands, we also slept well! We racked up 18kms in my wheelchair and Paul on his bike! Let’s see how far we can go on our next ride, our target goal is $2000, we have passed the halfway point but not there yet!🦼🚲❤️🙏

Feeling Excited

Wednesday 9th Jun
Last Sunday we set our wheels in motion and started rolling to get a practice in before the challenge begins. We had a great day and are so excited for the challenge. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, every amount counts and goes towards TeenChallenge programs helping to provide a positive impact on young peoples lives.

Super Thankful

Saturday 5th Jun
Gratitude fills our heart as we are so appreciative of everyone’s support, love and belief in us rising to the challenge for TeenChallenge. Feeling excited that we are nearly halfway towards our target goal of $2000. This means we can feel a happy dance is on its way! 🚲🦼🧡🧡

Adventure Ready

Sunday 30th May
Loving the goals we have experienced so far, we look forward to rising to this one for TeenChallenge! 🦼🚲🤍🤍

Up Up & Away

Sunday 30th May
WOW, we are so thankful and appreciative of everyone who has supported our challenge to date. We are super proud as we have passed the $500 mark and received the challenge to add another kilometre to our travels! BRING IT ON!! The more kilometres the more money. 

If we hit the $2000 goal set we will personally add another 25km to the adventure! 🙏

Thank you to my Sponsors



Enjoy your travels


Mreen Cornish

Have fun, love from Mreen & Adam.


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Go girl great job Paul



Go Naomi and Paul !!!


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Hi Naomi and Paul, This is a fantastic cause and a wonderful achievement . Congratulations to you both.



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Enjoy! Good luck x


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Looks like you’re having a great time for a great cause.


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Great work!


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You are both looking fit and focused. Wonderful effort. Look forward to watching your progress. Xx


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Onward and Upward, a worthy cause


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