Lisa Botten

My challenge is ...

to give up processed sugar for 10 whole weeks!  Yes, chocolate, ice cream, yummy desserts and even a sugar in my coffee.  Eeek!  My kids think it's impossible!  

Does that mean bubbles too????

My Updates

2 and a bit more weeks and counting ....

Monday 23rd Aug
Its been a long 7 weeks, but I'm still on track and thankfully haven't been tempted by the sweet dessert smells, family block chocolate in the fridge and champagne bubbles when visiting friends.
Its quite amazing that I don't miss the sugar in my coffee now .... that's a miracle!
Thanks for all your encouragement and support to help me support the Teen Challenge guys.  Those guys are amazing in the challenges they overcome ... mine pales in comparison.
On the home straight now and hanging in there :)

The changes ...

Monday 19th Jul
Surprise surprise ... for someone starting to feel her age, now there's no more hot flushes! Yippee!  I'm still looking forward to seeing the scales move downwards, but happy with the 1 less kilo.   7 weeks to go ...

One week in and temptations are everywhere!

Thursday 8th Jul
Pleased to say I'm going strong after one week in.  Today I found myself surrounded in a sugar cornucopia!  But not even unloading the ginormous Nutella tubs, soft drinks and trolley loads of chocolates tempted my taste buds to stray.  Thanks for all your encouragement and support ... it means so much :)       

It's all in the preparation ....

Friday 2nd Jul
Lots of preparation going into my challenge ....including a fill of Ing's amazing sticky pavlova with fruit and chocolate on top just before challenge start date.  So delicious!  Thanks Ing ... and thanks for the tip JakiJ!  

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Go girl! You can do this!


Ali Hoopmann

A great challenge Lisa- I should be deleting sugar with you! Go girl- you’ve got this! Xx


Jane Thorpe

I'll have some bubbles with you in 10 weeks. Go Lisa. 🙂 x



You’re braver than me!


Mum And Dad X

Well done Lisa. That's an amazing effort


Jack Jericho

Even Ingrid's Pavlova?


Lisa Botten