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4 books down 96 to go!

Tuesday 13th Jul
Hit the ground running at bedtime on Monday night and got through three wonderfull books with my two youngest boys:
1. Little People Big Dreams - Muhammad Ali.
Fabulous book about "the greatest of all time" with wonderful kids illustrations.
2. Little Giraffe's Big Idea - a very fun tall story.
3. Peep Inside Space, can't beat turning your bunk bed into a rocket ship.
Four books since Sunday, 96 to go!

The Vision

Monday 12th Jul
Go on a bike ride, read 100 books to my sons, paint a masterpiece, whatever it may be, I am looking forward to rising to the challenge to raise money for the 100 & 1 club.

Hopefully I can gain your support along the way.

Thank you to my Sponsors





Great work for a worthy cause. Keep it up. 😊


Sandra Winder

Hi Dom I hope your challenge is going really well. I think this is the second time I donated $75 because the first time I just clicked "Donate" then donated. Afterwards I went to read your blog then realized I was supposed to donate direct to you. Anyway, that's all OK. I hope Luke and Vincent are enjoying all the stories being read to them. Keep up the great work. Love Sandra and Brian


Ray G

Well done Dom in fundraising for such a good cause all the best


Tom Kenyon

Well done mate.


Dominic Lagana